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2018 Harley-Davidson Softail X-Series™ 2-into-1

1067X (Chrome)

1067XB (Black)

*We are currently in the R & D stages of this exhaust system. At this time we do not have pricing, but we are supplying a part number for you to pre-order it. It will be the same design as our X-Series™ for the FLH, which also include full coverage heat shields. Ship dates are below.

August 1st - Black

August 15th - Chrome


2017-2018 Harley-Davidson FLH X-Series™

1073X - $1,364 (Chrome)

1073XB - $1,364 (Black)

Also Available:

1075XF (Add on Falsee System in Chrome) - $575

1075XFB (Add on Falsee System in Black) - $575

Our X-SERIES™ Exhaust is our newest line in creating maximum horsepower. With our 2" headpipe, equal length tubes, and a larger collector, this exhaust is made specifically for Harley-Davidson's Milwaukee-Eight™ engine. Comes complete with full coverage heat shields and 12mm O2 sensor ports. Available in Chrome or Black.

2017-2018 FLH ThunderCone™ Slip-Ons

1066 - $657 (Chrome)

1066B - $657 (Black)

1166 - $201 (Chrome Heat Shields)

1166B - $201 (Black Heat Shields)


2018 Harley-Davidson Softail

ThunderCone™ Slip-Ons

1352 - $657 (Chrome)

1352B - $657 (Black)

1353 - $201 (Chrome Heat Shields)

1353B - $201 (Black Heat Shields)

















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